American dream

The so called “american dream” is just an illusion created by the capitalist system, a deceiving dream that invades the minds of the working class, thus, making them to believe that they will ever afford that imaginary life if they will work harder and harder (for capitalist class).

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Illusions created by capitalism

Often I hear people to say “they”, “resist”, “fuck the system” or something like this, but anyway never saying a word about “the status quo”, i.e that this is all about capitalist system. I agree about most of the aspects the picture depicts, but without a socialist understanding of the current society I see these kinds of pictures almost useless. Capitalism is a class divided system, a minority class (capitalists) and the majority – working class. It is not about “they”, it is about how capitalism works. Since it is based on the competition for profit, it penetrates every aspect of our life by creating all kinds of illusions about how your like should be, but you’ll never (unless you are lucky) afford that life, and what you feel is something in capitalism is used to say “you are not successful in this life”, but this is a rule of the system – the majority of the population represent the working class, which is a dispossessed and exploited by the capitalist class. If we really want to change something, we must start building a society where such things don’t exist, where we don’t live a life full of illusions. The only alternative is socialism.


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Inequality and capitalism

Yes, inequality in capitalism is not due to the bad policy of governments or politicians. Inequality comes from the system we live, from capitalism, from the how this system works. Politicians only creates conditions in order this system to continue. Capitalism is a class based society, thus, inequality is a built in feature. Probably someone believes that the inequality can be removed by reforming capitalism, to make it better, but this is a illusion. To remove inequality we must change the system, and build a classless society, i.e. socialism. By inequality I mean a class (a minority class) which owns the means of production, and the rest, the working class which is a dispossessed class. People from the working class have to sell they labour power for a wage in order to live (in capitalism it is used to say “to find a job”), and this is a wage slavery. Thus, you can’t make a capitalist to be ‘equal’ with a wage slave just by increasing the income taxes, it is ridiculous.

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EU club

It is strange to see that there are a lot of people struggling against racism and discrimination, but at the same time they promote nationalism, which is the root of the both. There is no such thing as moderate nationalism, it is an illusion. Nationalism is an ideology of division of people, an ideology that makes you believe that you somehow differ from others, and you must protect yourself form others, that the culture has something to do with nationalism. Nationalism is used by capitalism to divide workers in national states and control them. You can see the result of this. It is depressing to see such absurdity in the modern society where some people are celebrating that they have the illusion that they will enter in the “club” (EU club), but others fight in the streets for the same reason. Where is the morality regarding this “club”? Why we can’t just unite and live in a free world without borders and countries, in a world where there there is no parasitic class gaining the wealth by exploiting other class? Why we can’t live a society where there is common ownership, where every man, woman, and child have free access to goods, and where is no such absurd competition (between individuals and states) like in the society we live now – capitalism.

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If USSR wasn’t socialism, than what is socialism?

When I tell people that in USSR never existed socialism I am waiting that in the virtue of rationality, they will ask “If USSR wasn’t socialism, than what is socialism?”. But this almost never happen. It is sad, people in capitalism are so much indoctrinated and distracted with this idea, that for them is it hard to make a psychological disconnection between USSR, Stalin, Gulags, dictatorship etc., and the word socialism, even if I explain to them what is socialism. In every school, every media and institution in capitalism people are trained to make this absurd association, because it it is important to keep people in ignorance and deception, and to create the illusion that capitalism is the best thing which can exist. The true is that socialism was never tried, nowhere. USSR was a state capitalist country founded by Lenin and Stalin, by distorting Marx and socialist ideas, using dictatorship and propaganda. USSR remained a state capitalist until its end. USSR, China, Cuba is Leninism (thus, state capitalism), but have nothing to do with socialism. State ownership is not socialism, even more, state is not socialism. What is socialism? Look here:

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The so called “weekend”

The so called “week-end” can exit only in a class society like capitalism where working class is exploited by an another class – capitalist class. For the majority, especially for those who belong to the working class “the weekend” become for them something so natural and so necessary that for someone would be hard to refrain from this idea, because they are tied to it, not only due the social condition we live today in this system, but also due to the psychological condition created. The majority from the working class wait Friday all the week, as if this day would be for them “the day of their release”. And it is true, all the week they are exploited, they work for wages, they live in a wage slavery system. The irony is that we call this “my work place”, “my job”.  Also many hate the Sunday, because the next day is Monday, and they  have to go to “their job”. In capitalism those belonging to the working class have not other choice than to sell they labor power and to accept to be exploited by one capitalist or another. In capitalism “weekend” makes sense, because it creates an illusion, it keeps the working class to believe that they have a good life, and it is something. But more and more people, including me, understand that the weekend is a disappointment. Many people start to understand that the weekend doesn’t solve their problems, they don’t feel rested, free, and fulfilled in their life. It is a deception. They feel that they are living in a prison, and the weekends are given to you to go and drink in a club because you need it, you need it “to relax” in order to be able to work again for a capitalist who will exploit your life the next weekend.

In socialism there wouldn’t be a such thing as “weekend”, it wolud be a nonsense. People will loose the sense of such concept  “weekend”, I am sure. This will happen because socialism will be a completely another society, with another thinking and values. There will be only voluntary work, and work in socialism will have another meaning for people, it would be something wich they will do for their self-realization, for their pleasure, and for their engagement that they want to contribute to a society where they can really be free in their life and fulfilled. They also will want to contribute to this society because they will not want to return to things like wage salvery, “my jobs”, and “oh, again is Monday”, and where one dog eats another. They will contribute to a such society because what they will do will really count and they will rally have control upon their own life.

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What is Socialism?

I am quoting the World Socialist Movement:

When it is established it must be on a global basis, as a real alternative to the present system. In a socialist society there will be common ownership of the Earth by its inhabitants and no minority will dictate to us that production must give priority to profit. There will be no owners. The people of the world will share the world. Production will be for use, not sale. The only questions we will need to ask about production are what do people need and can these needs be met. Science and technology will at last be used to their fullest potential and in the service of humanity. The basic socialist principle will be that people give according to their abilities and take according to their needs. There will be no buying or selling, as money will have been abolished and will not be necessary in a world of free access. Socialism will mean a world without borders or frontiers, social classes or leaders, slates or governments, force or coercion.

Isn’t socialism what they had in Russia, or in China or Cuba, or in Sweden?

No. Socialism, as understood by the World Socialist Movement, was never established in any country. A short definition of what we understand to be socialism:

a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth by and in the interest of society as a whole.

If there are wages and salaries, it is not socialism.
State ownership is not socialism.
Social programs are not socialism.
Socialism means democracy at all levels of society, including the workplace.
Socialism means a wageless, moneyless society.
Socialism means voluntary labour.
Socialism means free access to the goods produced by society.

With this understanding of socialism, the Socialist Party of Great Britain noted in its journal, the Socialist Standard (August 1918, page 87), that the supposedly “Marxist” Russian Revolution of November 1917 was not socialist.

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