Illusions created by capitalism

Often I hear people to say “they”, “resist”, “fuck the system” or something like this, but anyway never saying a word about “the status quo”, i.e that this is all about capitalist system. I agree about most of the aspects the picture depicts, but without a socialist understanding of the current society I see these kinds of pictures almost useless. Capitalism is a class divided system, a minority class (capitalists) and the majority – working class. It is not about “they”, it is about how capitalism works. Since it is based on the competition for profit, it penetrates every aspect of our life by creating all kinds of illusions about how your like should be, but you’ll never (unless you are lucky) afford that life, and what you feel is something in capitalism is used to say “you are not successful in this life”, but this is a rule of the system – the majority of the population represent the working class, which is a dispossessed and exploited by the capitalist class. If we really want to change something, we must start building a society where such things don’t exist, where we don’t live a life full of illusions. The only alternative is socialism.


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