Inequality and capitalism

Yes, inequality in capitalism is not due to the bad policy of governments or politicians. Inequality comes from the system we live, from capitalism, from the how this system works. Politicians only creates conditions in order this system to continue. Capitalism is a class based society, thus, inequality is a built in feature. Probably someone believes that the inequality can be removed by reforming capitalism, to make it better, but this is a illusion. To remove inequality we must change the system, and build a classless society, i.e. socialism. By inequality I mean a class (a minority class) which owns the means of production, and the rest, the working class which is a dispossessed class. People from the working class have to sell they labour power for a wage in order to live (in capitalism it is used to say “to find a job”), and this is a wage slavery. Thus, you can’t make a capitalist to be ‘equal’ with a wage slave just by increasing the income taxes, it is ridiculous.

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