If USSR wasn’t socialism, than what is socialism?

When I tell people that in USSR never existed socialism I am waiting that in the virtue of rationality, they will ask “If USSR wasn’t socialism, than what is socialism?”. But this almost never happen. It is sad, people in capitalism are so much indoctrinated and distracted with this idea, that for them is it hard to make a psychological disconnection between USSR, Stalin, Gulags, dictatorship etc., and the word socialism, even if I explain to them what is socialism. In every school, every media and institution in capitalism people are trained to make this absurd association, because it it is important to keep people in ignorance and deception, and to create the illusion that capitalism is the best thing which can exist. The true is that socialism was never tried, nowhere. USSR was a state capitalist country founded by Lenin and Stalin, by distorting Marx and socialist ideas, using dictatorship and propaganda. USSR remained a state capitalist until its end. USSR, China, Cuba is Leninism (thus, state capitalism), but have nothing to do with socialism. State ownership is not socialism, even more, state is not socialism. What is socialism? Look here: http://www.worldsocialism.org/articles/what_is_socialism.php

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