The so called pro EU protest

This Sunday a “mass” (declared by the mass-media) protest was organized by the so called liberal and democrat parties from Republic of Moldova (actually the ruling parties). It was supposed to be a rally in support of the European Integration (even for this they did nothing these years, except lying). Also this protest was against so called the “Communist” Party (PCRM) from the Republic of Moldova, since “communists” are going to make a “big” march (and “revolutions”) in Chisinau against the ruling regime. It is nice to watch this kind of funny events where political parties do everything to gain votes from the working class. The called “communist” party is the same like other parties working for capitalism, wage slavery and exploitation of the working class. Every political party in capitalism is working against  the working class, and serve the interest of the privileged class – capitalists. The working class should not support these parties, government, or the state, it must unite globally to put an end to the actual capitalist system, and to establish a global socialist society. The working class doesn’t need parties leader and kinds of this.

But there is no surprise that we have again these kinds of protest. The election is coming, parties should do something to gain voters, no matter if they are false communists, liberals, or democrats.

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