Modern education system

Modern education system is introduced/managed by the capitalist class hegemony to developed the capitalist society for the interest of capitalism. Education plays a major role in the shaping the people’s view about the society. The majority of the people understand the society by comparing it with what they were taught in school. After school, people of the working class (the majority class) are occupied with spending their life time at work (working for the capitalist class), they don’t have time for contemplating about the system in which they live, to understand it, emancipate themselves, to be active in the changing the world. Thus, in principle they are forced to be ignorant about how this system works, and distracted with things which benefit the capitalist class. The state, government, and the rest of the institutions are geared to protect and promote the interests and rules of the capitalist class – the right to private property and exploitation of working class. But these strange rights are interpreted and promoted to be the rights of the majority, which benefit everyone, and which should make everyone free and happy in their life.

I a met a lot of people who say “I support the right to private property”, but they don’t ask themselves about the meaning of this expression. Is it about the right to own your cloths or is it about to have the privilege to have in property things that the society depends on? Is it about to have in property factories, natural resources, services, or in general means of production? For many people seem to be natural that in the society is granted the rule where people can compete and have an opportunity to monopolize the means of production and resources. In The Universal Declaration of Human Rights we can find the Article 17.a which states:

“Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.”

The right to own what? We have a lot of rights, but they are not rights, they are rules of the game in which a minority class can benefit from. It is evident even for a child that if you introduce a such rule in a group of people, at the end some people by competition will monopolize things that the majority of the people from that group depends on.

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