Companies don’t give shit about what you think

Often I hear my co-workers (software engineers) complaining about tools they use, about that they would like this or that programming language… about that there should exist a company where they will do what they like the most, and use tools they like the most, a company with great culture etc. The truth is that companies don’t give shit about what you think, what you like,  what is your programming philosophy, and culture too. Companies cares about profit and you are a wage slave, an instrument that execute tasks. The same is about BIG COMPANY you are dreaming of. Is it is a illusion.

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Under capitalism, wasting food is pre…

Under capitalism, wasting food is preferable to feeding those who need it most

We are frequently told that capitalism is the most efficient of all economic systems – yet if this were the case, why would factories and offices lie idle and empty, despite being able to produce an abundance of goods and services that society needs? Profit stands in the way of distribution as well as production under capitalism. There is no reason fertile land in some regions could not be used to produce food to be distributed to people living in harsher environments. The only reason it is not done is because it is not profitable to do so, and because of the enormous barrier of the nation state, which prevents a genuinely worldwide solution from being implemented. Under capitalism, wasting food is preferable to feeding those who need it most. — #capitalism #socialism #economy

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What constitutes the alienation of labor?

“First, the fact that labor is external to the worker, i.e., it does not belong to his intrinsic nature; that in his work, therefore, he does not affirm himself but denies himself, does not feel content but unhappy, does not develop freely his physical and mental energy but mortifies his body and ruins his mind. The worker therefore only feels himself outside his work, and in his work feels outside himself. He feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home. His labor is therefore not voluntary, but coerced; it is forced labor. ” — Marx

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My work should be a free manifestation of life

“My work would be a free manifestation of life, hence an enjoyment of life. Presupposing private property, my work is an alienation of life, for I work in order to live, in order to obtain for myself the means of life. My work is not my life.” —

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‘rich’ and ‘poor’ words don’t describe the essence of the problem

Rich and poor are relative concepts, they don’t describe the essence of the problem. Socialists use scientific terms such as class (capitalist and working class) and class struggle. The end of class society (of this antagonism) is socialism.

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The problem of war

Socialists argue that it is senseless to imagine that the problem of war will be solved by advocating the banning of this or that weapon, or even of all weapons. It is not just a matter of ‘Ban the Bomb’; but to end all wars and that means ending the economic rivalries between national ruling classes that cause them. Capitalism promotes—nay, it encourages—the situations that result in war. Let us make our position quite clear. We have no objection to the banning of nuclear weapons. But we do have an objection to people getting killed by other methods. The saturation bombing of Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo, generating the new military tactic of fire-storms. We can’t realistically comprehend the horror when, in one night alone, 100,000 died in a 1000-bomber raid on Dresden. And those who substitute “more humanitarian” alternatives to war should be minded that 500,000 children of Iraq whose young lives were taken by the consequences of twelve years of crippling sanctions that kept a despot in power and a people too dispirited to revolt. —

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The so-called military service

Only in a society based on private property can exist such things as military service, because military service purpose is to protect the private property of the capitalist class if we talk about today, and kings and queens if we talk about periods preceding capitalism. Young people from Moldova (and in other countries) are faced with a situation when they are hunted by the state institutions to enlist them in the military service against their will, and I consider right that these young people find ways to avoid military services. I know a person who was preparing to apply to a master degree in order to avoid the military service and when he found that there is another solution to overcome military service, he renounced to apply to studies. Nobody cares about this situation since there is a constant propaganda, people are fed with such nonsense ideas as duty, patriotism, nationalism, and so on. The result of this brainwash people can’t see that this in reality a dictatorship. If you put a little logic, and cease to believe all these propagandistic tails, you ask yourself why should I do something against my will, why should I go to a war, maybe I disagree with that war, none can force me to consider military actions etc. The irony is that that person trying to avoid the military service, consider themes a patriot. Thus, he is suffering from his own ideology. Often I hear him of other people to say if there will be a war “we will be sent” to war to do one or another thing. But they don’t ask themselves why “to be sent”? by whom? So, we can see that people from the start are prepared that they “will be sent” – that is a kind of a slave mentality. And it is is not a surprise – in this system we are prepared from the birth be slaves, obedient, ignorant, we are prepared to consider things that evidently enter in contradiction with the reason, and take them as truth. We are not sheep “to be sent” or to be guided. We have our own mind and we can alone decide what we want to do or not. We don’t have to fight anyone, and there is no such thing as enemy. Men, women and children living like us in houses outside of this territory (called Republic of Moldova) are the same as us, we have nothing fight about with them, they want to live in peace as we want. We are all are human being, and we can share this world in common, without masters, governments, leaders, kings and so on. We can live in a world where there is common ownership, and where such thing as military service and “to be sent to war” is a nonsense and unethical for everyone.


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American dream

The so called “american dream” is just an illusion created by the capitalist system, a deceiving dream that invades the minds of the working class, thus, making them to believe that they will ever afford that imaginary life if they will work harder and harder (for capitalist class).

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Illusions created by capitalism

Often I hear people to say “they”, “resist”, “fuck the system” or something like this, but anyway never saying a word about “the status quo”, i.e that this is all about capitalist system. I agree about most of the aspects the picture depicts, but without a socialist understanding of the current society I see these kinds of pictures almost useless. Capitalism is a class divided system, a minority class (capitalists) and the majority – working class. It is not about “they”, it is about how capitalism works. Since it is based on the competition for profit, it penetrates every aspect of our life by creating all kinds of illusions about how your like should be, but you’ll never (unless you are lucky) afford that life, and what you feel is something in capitalism is used to say “you are not successful in this life”, but this is a rule of the system – the majority of the population represent the working class, which is a dispossessed and exploited by the capitalist class. If we really want to change something, we must start building a society where such things don’t exist, where we don’t live a life full of illusions. The only alternative is socialism.


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Inequality and capitalism

Yes, inequality in capitalism is not due to the bad policy of governments or politicians. Inequality comes from the system we live, from capitalism, from the how this system works. Politicians only creates conditions in order this system to continue. Capitalism is a class based society, thus, inequality is a built in feature. Probably someone believes that the inequality can be removed by reforming capitalism, to make it better, but this is a illusion. To remove inequality we must change the system, and build a classless society, i.e. socialism. By inequality I mean a class (a minority class) which owns the means of production, and the rest, the working class which is a dispossessed class. People from the working class have to sell they labour power for a wage in order to live (in capitalism it is used to say “to find a job”), and this is a wage slavery. Thus, you can’t make a capitalist to be ‘equal’ with a wage slave just by increasing the income taxes, it is ridiculous.

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